Turn every picture into a shopping opportunity


See how easy it is to make money from pictures on your website. Connect visitors to items they want, seamlessly.

Handsome Analytics

Get detail analytics of how your images are performing.Impressions are only incremented if the image is viewed making your analytics accurate.

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Click to Tag Image

The Tag Tool is a tool that lets you to tag your images in the simplest way possible. Simply click on the spot you want to tag the image.

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Embed & Use Anywhere

This plugin is quick and easy to use. You can embed the generated code and include in inside your html pages, blog post and anywhere that supports html code embedding.

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Own a website or blog? Make money from your image galleries.

We help you make more money on your website by connecting site visitors with millions of e-commerce sites via our smart image annotation technology.



imagpic turns every image into a shopping opportunity

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